Friday, October 2, 2009

New Arrivals

Calling all organized people.....and people like me who think we try. Our New Arrivals section features a new tool box. Perfect for those of you who have a jewelry class, or a jewelry group where you like to work on projects together. It is long enough to hold a ring mandrel, lift out tray in the top so smaller things don't get lost in the bottom. But one of the best features are two containers held in the top that are segmented to hold jump rings, small bits of solder. These can be removed so they can be placed on your table top or bench top for easy access. A bargain at $12.50.

Now for lapidary people, also in New Arrivals, improved style of dop wax heater. It is a thermostatically controlled, ceramic heater with a spot for dops and tools. Keeps your dop wax melted and held at the perfect temperature. This one is $39.95.

For friends out there...we also have something else that fits in the New Arrivals section. Maybe the fifth generation of Freshman Jewelers, because his sisters want to be princesses. Not that I am a proud grandma or anything.

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