Friday, February 17, 2012

The Indespensable Flexible Shaft

If there is one tool that a jeweler reaches for most often, the flexible shaft has to be high on that list. Drilling, grinding, shaping, polishing all can be done with this handy unit. You hold on to the handpiece and all the heat and vibration is contained in the motor unit.
Right now Freshmans is having a sale on two different flexshafts as long as our stock holds out. Save over 30% while stocks last on our MO 18 - Sale Price $86.00 and our MO 114 - Sale Price $166.00.
If you can't get in to see us soon enough, we also have a new MO 15000. a 1/4hp motor, Jacob's style chuck for only $106.50. Come in and check these out.