Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All that Glitters is not...diamond!

I was reading yet another trade journal today, trying to keep abreast of changes in our industry, when I came across an alarming notation. There is yet another product out there which, I think, has been created to confuse the consumer. This particular product is marketed under the name “Zirconite”. It consists of a cubic zirconium stone that has a coating of a thin slice of a diamond. This method can fool the diamond testers that we use but can be identified under a microscope by an experienced jeweler.

So, how do you, as a customer, know what you are buying? Know your jeweler!!

· Have they been in the same location for a significant period of time
· Did any of your friends recommend them
· Do they have a good record with the Better Business Bureau
· Are they knowledgeable and able to pass that knowledge on to you
· Do they have an experienced staff?

The internet is a remarkable tool. But, you can’t look the person in the eye that is selling you a diamond or colored stone. Take your chances or take advantage of a knowledgeable jeweler.

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