Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Pay To Have Your Ring Sized When You Could Just Pay $800 For A New TV?

We always urge people to make sure their rings are sized properly. Its a common mistake to get rings too loose. When the winter months roll around your finger will shrink and your ring can come flying off.

Case in point, this article from tech blog Gizmodo.

"... According to Gizmodo reader Brian, the photo above was taken just a few moments after he accidentally flung his wedding band at a television while trying to play a Kinect game for the first time."

"...the lesson to learn from Brian's misfortune is that you should always get your rings sized properly..."

Please contact us if you have any questios about sizing your rings or any other jewelry repair.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do You Bleed Red or Blue?

Big game coming up, the rivalry won't be the same after this year. If you bleed red or blue, come in to see us and pick up some free mardi gras beads (shaped like footballs of course) in the appropriate color. While you are here, we will clean your rings for free as well as check your prongs for wear.