Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Idea

When Zachary does hand engraving, he uses a microscope with a ring of LED lights so he has the best view possible. Now, I don't have to feel left out because some very smart person combined a triplet loupe with the same ring of LED lights for me to use....and mine is portable. The light switches on and off to save batteries and there is no glare directed into your eye, it is all focused on the object in the field of vision. Batteries are replaceable and are contained in the loupe itself making this just about the size of a loupe without this added feature.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get to Know Us

This is the second installment to let you get to know us better. We are introducing you to Charles Freshman, 3rd generation to carry on the Freshman name in the jewelry business. He graduated with a degree in Art Education, Magna cum laude, from Westminster College with the intention of teaching college. Working in the jewelry store was to be just a that lasted 37 years. His expertise is jewelry design, diamonds, colored stones and jewelry appraising; with his diamond and colored stone education coming from the Gemological Institute of America. When you come to Freshmans to start your custom design, you will probably sit down with him for an initial sketch.

Outside of work, he enjoys blacksmithing, woodworking and his wonderful grandkids. Someone who looks very much like him has been seen shooting cannons with the Utah Symphony at summer functions across the valley. 1812 Overture sounds much better with live cannons.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Visitors from Wyoming

The advanced placement students in metal arts from Evanston High School stopped by to visit us, here at Freshmans. Discussions concerning society's influence on jewelry design, enameling, and continuing their education kept some groups occupied while one group toured the shop. They were especially interested in our "toys". Thanks to teacher Bruce Lange for stopping by.

For a few more pictures of the field trip, check us out on facebook.

Friday, May 8, 2009

There's Still Time for Mother's Day

What's that? You still don't know what to get your Mom for Mother's Day!?! Don't worry, there's still time. Freshman's Inc. has you covered with gifts starting at about $15.

We have a full line of fun, fresh, sterling silver jewelry that won't break your budget. You might even pick some up for yourself...cause you deserve to celebrate Mother's Day too ;) You can also feel confident that you're giving Mom quality as well. This is real, sterling silver that has been rhodium plated so it won't tarnish, not that costume stuff you see at the mall for these great prices.

So hurry in, we're open until 5:30 tonight and open from 9-3 tomorrow. Click Here for a map.