Friday, December 21, 2012

Sapphire and Platinum

Over on our Facebook page I've been posting a few of the goodies people have been bringing us this holiday season. I figured I had better post a picture of some jewelry before everyone thinks we've become a bakery instead of a jewelry store.
Last month we made this platinum ring holding about a 2 carat gorgeous sapphire surrounded by 30 bead set diamonds with a milgrain edge.

We're wrapping up our custom jobs for Christmas and wanted to take a minute to wish you all a safe, wonderful Holiday Season. Thanks for letting us be a part of your important events this year.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sterling and Turquoise Bloom Pendant

Here's another thing that caught my eye when I was sneaking into gifts early. I really like this sterling silver and turquoise pendant but I guess I'll let you have it.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sterling Drop Earrings

Last week you caught me sneaking a look inside holiday packages. I guess it's time to share what I've found. These sterling silver drop earrings caught my eye first thing. For only $60 they'd make a great gift, but I won't tell if you kept them for yourself.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Speaking of Early Gifts

How excited was I to come back from lunch and see this gift from Miriam Felton sitting on my desk? Thank you!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why Wait for Christmas to Open Up Some Goodies?

Sometimes it's okay to open up your present's early right? How about if you plan on sharing? We just opened up a new shipment of sterling jewelry that starts at only $50. I'll post some pictures of some of it over the next little while.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Building Tour

Make your Village People jokes in the comments please.
Wow!! It's been a long time since I've posted here. To be honest I've been a little better at posting over at our Facebook page as well as on twitter. I can change!! I swear I'll be better since the holidays are coming and I'll have more time...or something.

We had a great chance to go on a hardhat tour of the Public Safety Building that is under construction next door to us. I snapped a few pictures because really, who doesn't want to see Charles and Claudia dressed up like the Village People?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SMCSLC Parking

Are you familiar with SMCSLC? You should be. They are the Social Media Club of SLC and they back up and running. If you've got an interest in the Social Media scene, either for personal, or business reasons, you'll want to join up with them.

They're having a meeting tonight at the Leonardo and we're offering up our parking lot. Just make sure you're following us on Facebook and/or Twitter. If you'd like to mention how awesome we are on those sites...we'd be ok with that too.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Utah Arts Festival

You know when your neighbors have a party and you can either complain about the noise, or be a good sport and join in the fun? We have a pretty good party about to happen next door and we consider ourselves good sports. The Utah Arts Festival is kicking off next weekend (June 21-24) and we're continuing our tradition of letting our Facebook friends park after hours.

Just like us on Facebook and you're free to park after 5:30pm Thursday and Friday, after 3pm on Saturday, and all day Sunday.

All we ask is you post on our wall what your favorite thing at the Arts Festival was or tag us in a post saying thanks. That way we can see how many people used the lot. We'll also have a sign up so new people can add us and park there as well, so please pass it on.

We're still cool...right?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Utah Pride Festival Parking 2012

We're happy to extend our tradition of offering free parking to our Facebook friends during the Utah Pride Festival. Our lot is available after 5:30 on Friday night, after 3pm on Saturday, and all day Sunday. All you need to do is Like us on Facebook. Please help us spread the word.

If you come park here, would you mind tagging us in a post on Facebook? It will be fun seeing haw many people we can get here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off Limits

Freshman's Jewelers in Victor, CO - circa 1909
One of the shows I enjoy watching is a show on the Travel Channel called "Off Limits". On last weeks episode the show visited a gold mine in Colorado. My ears perked up when they mentioned the mine was the Cripple Creek/Victor mine in Colorado. As you may know, Freshmans was founded in Cripple Creek in 1895 before the family moved to Salt Lake City in 1928. It was fun to see how with new technologies the mine is once again producing. This video clip shows a 60 lb. gold button being poured, worth about $1.25 million. There was one tidbit in the full episode that I found very interesting. It takes over 200 dump trucks (like the huge ones at Kennecott) full of rock to produce enough ore to make one wedding band!

Cripple Creek/Victor Gold mine - via
If you want to see the whole episode, it airs on the Travel Channel tonight (OK technically Wed the 25th) at midnight. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Magic of Magnetic Tumbling

     Freshmans has a unique position in the jewelry industry. We make custom jewelry pieces that we're very proud of, re-do family heirlooms to make them serviceable again, and sell tools and supplies to our collegues, students, and craft minded individuals. It is to that latter group that this will have some meaning.

     We have just gotten in a new line of magnetic tumblers. Magnetic tumblers excel at applying a shiny finish on jewelry. Because the tumbling pins are small, they're especially great at getting down into hard to reach areas. They can put a bright finish on cast crowns, as well as get into hand carved details. All you need to do is drop the pieces in, add some water and special tumbling soap and walk away. About an hour later your pieces are burnished to a shine and most times a light polish is all that's needed afterwards.

     These amazing machines were first made for production houses, large and expensive. We've had one in our shop for over a decade and it's indispensable. Finally, now they are available in a reasonable size, at a reasonable price. Come on in and we'll be glad to show you what they can do.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Here's Your Friday Feel Good Story

Sometimes situations present themselves that just make you feel good. Last night as we were leaving for home, a young woman found a wallet on the sidewalk in front of our store. She didn't quite know what to do with it, so she presented it to us and we said we would attempt to find the owner. There was a driver's license but no phone number and so, internet to the rescue, we found his current address and a phone number. I was able to reach him by phone but he did not speak English. The word money seems to carry through to all languages and so I was able to let him know that his wallet was at our store.
He presented himself at our door right as we opened, in his electric scooter and we were able to re-unite him with his wallet. Thank you is another word that seems to carry through. He needed that wallet and it's good to know that there are still people that are honest, like this young feels good.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Indespensable Flexible Shaft

If there is one tool that a jeweler reaches for most often, the flexible shaft has to be high on that list. Drilling, grinding, shaping, polishing all can be done with this handy unit. You hold on to the handpiece and all the heat and vibration is contained in the motor unit.
Right now Freshmans is having a sale on two different flexshafts as long as our stock holds out. Save over 30% while stocks last on our MO 18 - Sale Price $86.00 and our MO 114 - Sale Price $166.00.
If you can't get in to see us soon enough, we also have a new MO 15000. a 1/4hp motor, Jacob's style chuck for only $106.50. Come in and check these out.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Wrong With Our Logo?

If you spend much time online, you've probably heard of SOPA or PIPA in the news recently. Those of us at Freshmans want to add our voice to those asking for a responsible way to ending online piracy rather than the measures that have been introduced. We support creative individuals and feel like the internet should remain a free flowing source of information.

If you'd like to learn more about SOPA or PIPA, Wikipedia and Google both have pages set up that you can use as starting points.