Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dr. Daniel Amen of brain fame says that each time we learn a new skill, out of our realm of expertise, we create new brain cells. Well, I am going to amass quite a few because blogging is brand new to me. I know jewelry, I don't know blogging.

We want this to be a conversation, similar to one you would have in our store. Post comments, let us know how we are doing. If you don't feel comfortable with the blog situation, email me at

Since this site is also for those that make jewelry, check back to learn about a polishing compound you shouldn't be without, especially if you work in silver.



  1. Would a titanium ring with a carbon fiber inlay wear well over time or does it disintigrate? My fiancee and I are looking at titanium rings with a tungston carbide center with a carbon fiber inlay and we have heard they wear out over time.

  2. Carbon fiber is used in race car and aircraft construction because of its high strength/weight ratio. But, it can be susceptible to dings and scratches. We have the carbon fiber in stainless steel but have never sold it in titanium or tungsten.

  3. After checking further, we can supply a tungsten band with a carbon fiber center from a very good manufacturer with a lifetime warranty.


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