Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clarification on Firescale

You'll still want to coat your pieces in boric acid, but firescale can still appear.
Since silver (especially larger pieces) can take so long to heat up to soldering temps, the boric burns away.

Firescale is an oxide that forms between the copper in the Sterling alloy and oxygen. It is a bugger to remove and is actually harder than sterling silver. As you polish, the scale remains and the silver around it is removed, making the firescale more pronounced. In really bad cases it can even be tough to remove with emery sticks.

Use Mad Man Zach's Firescale Remover compound in place of tripoli/bobbing compound before your final polish. You can use your regular tripoli buffs however.

Many times cast silver jewelry will have firescale that is noticeable on close inspection (it usually becomes visible during the final polish). This compound works great in this instance as well. It is definitely a must have in our shop.

you can find it in our ONLINE STORE. The easiest way to see it is to use the search on the top left of the page for item #PS 415

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