Thursday, January 6, 2011

500 South closed. If you need to get to us, here's how:

Due to a fatal accident on 500 S and 300 East, the SLPD has 500 S closed at 400 East. We are still open, just a little tougher to get to. If you are coming in this morning, you have two choices:

1. Park at a meter on 400 E and walk around the corner


2. You can access our lot via 4th South. Heading East on 400 S turn in right before the Celtic Bank building. Then you need to weave your way through the NAI real estate parking lot and you can get to us. The only problem is there is a gate that might block you, but it is currently open. (See attached map)

You can always save the trip down and just call us or order on as well.

Thanks for you patience. Our hearts go out to those affected in this traginc accident. We'll keep you posted as we get any updates.

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  1. Here is another link about the crash:


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