Thursday, November 12, 2009

Advanced Search - It's on our Website

Our website is a work in progress. We still have items that need to be added and pictures that are missing or need to be "tweaked". But there is one thing that I really like about our site, . We have an Advanced Search function that is very powerful. Some people like to browse through multiple pages shopping as they go, some people would like quick information. The advance search becomes a tool for both.

The first screen you see after you enter the Online Store and push the Credit Card button is the New Arrivals page. At the top of the blue column on the left is the search function.

If you click on "advanced" a small box opens up and allows you to pick Item Description and Contains from the drop down menu. If you know you need a crucible but are not sure what kind, put crucible in the product search, click search and you have a list of all of our crucibles.

If you need to check the price on 22 gauge silver sheet, and youknow that the stock number is
SH 1022 from a previous invoice, again "advanced", Item Number, Begins and enter SH 1022 in the search box. The page with the current ounce price for 22 ga sheet is there. Quick and easy.

We know that we have to keep working, but the search function is something we are pleased with on our site. If you have comments on the site or trouble locating an item, please let us know so that we can work on it for you.


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