Monday, April 27, 2009

What to expect from a custom job.

Sorry this post is a little late. We like to update the blog at least every Thursday, but things got a little crazy here.

This post will give you an example of what you can expect when you get a custom ring made at Freshmans:

This guy had made a rough sketch of what he was thinking of. Its always helpful when the client has a vision of what they are after (but even if you don't, we can help you create something beautiful). Here is the sketch that was faxed to us.

Normally at this point, Charles works with the client and "fleshes out" the idea a bit more. You would discuss stone sizes, types of settings, etc. Charles would point out any problems that could arise and find a way to work around them. All of these ideas come together into a "counter sketch" that gets sent into the shop. Since this client was contacting us from out of state, Charles's sketch was a little more precise. See below:

Now here's where the fun begins!! Once the job reaches our shop, I meet with Charles and discuss what we are trying to accomplish. Using CAD software, I build your virtual ring. After your ring is built, I can create a realistic rendering of your project. You can come in to see it and discuss with us, or it can be emailed to you.

Once we have a go ahead, we can cut your ring out of wax on our computerized milling machine (more about that on another post) and we are on our way. While it may seem like a lot of work, all of these steps help us ensure that you get the same satisfaction that our customers have appreciated for over 100 years. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your own custom made creation, please feel free to contact us.

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